Deep within the pulsating heart of the cityscape lies a fabled treasure known simply as The Core Crystal. Its legend, whispered among the street dwellers, speaks of resilience, dominance, and the very essence of creative life. Some say the crystal hums with the untamed energy of the city, infusing every corner with a brew of hustle, ingenuity, and street-smarts.

The choice is yours, dear reader. Will you heed the call of adventure and join the ranks of the Leisure Gang?

The ICEE tokens are the lifeblood of the Leisure Gang community, representing the essence of the Core Crystal's power distilled into digital form. These tokens serve as a currency of respect and recognition among members of the youth culture, allowing them to invest in brands and fellow Leisure Gang members who embody the spirit of the streets.

Support The Homies

As guardians of the Core Crystal, the Leisure Gang understands the importance of supporting those who contribute to the vibrancy and authenticity of a creative life. Through the ICEE tokens, members can show their appreciation for brands that innovate and inspire, as well as fellow hustlers who hustle hard and keep the culture alive.

Share the Wealth & Prosper

By sharing ICEE tokens with others in the community, Leisure Gang members not only express their respect and admiration but also empower those individuals to continue making a positive impact in the culture. It's a symbiotic relationship that strengthens the bonds of unity and solidarity among the Leisure Gang, ensuring that the spirit of youth culture thrives for generations to come.

Seize the ICEE

Lifeblood of Youth Culture

Listen up, folks. We're talkin' ICEE tokens here — the new kid on the block in this crazy world of digital currency. Now, I know it might sound like some fancy-shmancy tech mumbo-jumbo, but hey, stick with me. Our founder, well, he's a bit of a smart ass genius, ya know? And you, well, you're smart too. It'll all sink in, just give it time.

So, what's the deal with these ICEE tokens, you ask? They're like the lifeblood of our crew, the Leisure Gang. Think of 'em as the distilled essence of the Core Crystal's power, but in digital form. Pretty badass, right?

Now, here's where it gets interesting. These tokens ain't just for show. Nah, they're the currency of respect and recognition in our culture. With 'em, you can invest in brands that push boundaries and fellow members who live and breathe play out there cultivating youth culture.

We're talkin' about supporting the innovators, the hustlers, the ones who keep the vibe alive. Whether it's voting on brands for the Shmaplex shop or backing members doing cool shit in the world, your ICEE tokens give you the power to make a difference. So, what are you waitin' for? Let's make some waves in this concrete jungle.


  • Total Supply:1,000,000
  • Distribution

    ICEE tokens have been distributed to imperative holders and select individuals in 2021, with ongoing annual allocations to VIP customers of the Shmaplex shop, alongside plans for community airdrops, token staking, strategic partnerships, referral programs, and social media campaigns to ensure widespread accessibility and participation.

  • Benefits
    • Staking Rewards

      Earn rewards by using ICEE tokens to support favored brands and community members.

    • Discounts

      Enjoy discounts on Shmaplex products and services by holding ICEE tokens.

    • Governance

      Participate in governance decisions and influence the direction of the Shmaplex Global Protocol.

NFT Character

Acquisition Phase

Initially, a portion of the ICEE token supply was distributed in 2021 to key individuals identified as imperative holders of the ICE. Subsequently, the ICEE creator carefully distributed tokens among a select group of individuals. However, the supply has not been fully distributed, leaving ample opportunity for further distribution.

Moving forward, a new portion of the tokens is being allocated to VIP customers of the Shmaplex shop. This distribution will occur annually, as outlined in the distribution table available at

The distribution process ensures that ICEE tokens are gradually disseminated to the community, fostering inclusivity and equitable participation. Stay tuned for updates on future distribution events and opportunities to acquire ICEE tokens.

The NFT< ERC-721 >

Discover the power of the ERC-721 NFT — a unique digital asset that unlocks exclusive privileges within the Leisure Gang universe. Each NFT is a testament to your support for global culture and the vibrant spirit of play. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, our ERC-721 NFTs are a symbol of ownership and participation in the digital revolution of leisure.

What sets ERC-721 apart is its ability to encapsulate a wealth of attributes and metadata, making each Leisure Gang NFT truly one-of-a-kind. As a token holder, you're not just part of a community; you're a key player in a dynamic, global movement. Your NFT isn't just a digital collectible; it's a gateway to a world where leisure knows no bounds.

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Big ups for adding your vibe to the saga!

Thank you for embarking on the ICEE journey with us! Your support is vital as we strive to protect the Core Crystal and preserve the essence of youth culture through the Shmaplex Global Protocol. Joining us means becoming part of a vibrant community dedicated to innovation, creativity, and youth culture.

Together, we're shaping the future of skill sports and making a difference in the world. Welcome aboard!

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